The Wolfpack Approach


Continuous Improvement through Customization

At Wolfpack Consulting we believe every student deserves a year's growth in a year's time. We also understand the challenges and realities of today’s classrooms because our staff development professionals are highly experienced teachers and administrators.

Setting priorities

Whether you need a one-day informational workshop or a systematic three-year implementation plan, Wolfpack Consulting can use pre-assessments and in-depth conversations to help you clarify your staff development priorities. Then we’ll create an action plan that addresses those needs in the most effective way possible.

Our sessions can involve your entire faculty or small groups based on content or grade level. We’re also equipped to coach teacher leaders, your administrative team or individuals.

Harnessing teachers’ expertise

Wolfpack consultants know the most effective way to achieve your staff development goals is by identifying and using participants’ unique skills to achieve them.

We add further power to our PD efforts by helping teachers:

  • recognize the magnitude of influence their personal instructional choices have on student learning
  • explore differentiated instructional practices
  • develop confidence using an array of evidence-based practices to maximize desired outcomes

Enhancing administrator effectiveness

An idea is only as good as the implementation plan. Helping administrators take a concept to concrete practice and achieving lasting change is a passion for Wolf Pack Consulting.

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